the second bird

marmsky devotions July 2016 (6)

Leviticus 5:7-10

Lev 5:7 “But if he cannot afford a lamb, then he will bring to Yahveh as his reparation for the mistake that he has made two turtledoves or two pigeons, one for a mistake offering and the other for an ascending offering.
Lev 5:8 He will bring them to the priest, who will offer first the one for the mistake offering. He will wring its head from its neck but will not divide it completely,
Lev 5:9 and he will spritz some of the blood of the mistake offering on the wall of the altar, while the remainder of the blood will be pressed out at the base of the altar; it is a mistake offering.
Lev 5:10 Then he will offer the second for an ascending offering according to the rule. And the priest will provide reconciliation for him for the mistake that he has made, and he will be forgiven.

the second bird

Why two separate offerings for the person who has made a mistake, but cannot afford a lamb? Well, the extra offering is an ascending offering. Perhaps this is a way of dealing with the poverty. One bird for the mistake, and the second to appeal for God’s blessing. This approach takes faith, because, even though two birds for the offerings is still a less expensive price than the lamb, it is giving in expectation of a blessing. That is why we are wrong to teach people that God does not want them to give if they are poor. Stewardship of existing resources is always appropriate, and sometimes God is looking for the widow to give her mite, so that he can be glorified by the gift.

LORD, thank you for giving us the dignity of giving, even when we have less to give.

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