reparation for failures

marmsky devotions July 2016 (5)

Leviticus 5:1-6

Lev 5:1 “If any soul makes a mistake by hearing a public call to testify, and he is a witness, either seeing or coming to know the matter, yet does not speak, he will be responsible for his violation;
Lev 5:2 or if any soul touches a contaminated thing, whether a carcass of an contaminated wild animal or a carcass of contaminated livestock or a carcass of contaminated swarming things, and it is hidden from him and he has become contaminated, and he realises his offence;
Lev 5:3 or if he touches human contamination, of whatever sort the contamination may be with which one becomes contaminated, and it is hidden from him, when he comes to know it, and realises his offence;
Lev 5:4 or if any soul utters with his lips an overconfident oath to do evil or to do good, any sort of overconfident oath that a human swears, and it is hidden from him, when he comes to know it, and he realises his offence in any of these;
Lev 5:5 when he realises his offence in any of these and confesses the mistake he has made,
Lev 5:6 he will bring to Yahveh as his reparation for the mistake that he has made, a female from the flock, a lamb or a goat, for a mistake offering. And the priest will provide reconciliation for him for his mistake.

reparation for failures

This passage highlights three ways a person might make a mistake, not realising it at the time. Once it becomes clear that the worshipper has made a mistake, he must make reparation.

We have inherited a rebellious nature, and because of this we are capable of missing God’s perfection without even noticing. That does not excuse us from the violation. The law of Moses detailed a way of making reparation once it became evident that a mistake had been made. Reparation was not only essential to make up for the mistake, but also to avoid the spiral that would occur, if it was allowed to stand. God does not want to punish, but punishment is essential to reformation.

LORD, thank you for providing a way for us to make reparation for our failings.

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