permanent peace

July 2015 (4)Isaiah 54:9-13

9 “This is like the water of Noah to me, because when I promised to keep the water of Noah from the passing again over the land, so I promised not to get angry at you and rebuke you. 10 Because the mountains may withdraw, and the hills may shake loose, but my covenant loyalty will not depart from you, and my covenant of peace will not shake loose,” says Yahveh, who feels compassion for you, 11 “O needy, storm-driven one, not given rest. Watch! I am setting your gems in a permanent setting, and I am laying your foundation with sapphires. 12 And I will set your fortifications with ruby, and your stone gates with beryl, and all your wall with valuable stones. 13 And all your children will be students of Yahveh, and there will be intense peace upon your children.”

permanent peace

After Noah’s flood, God set his rainbow in the sky as a promise to never again disturb the peace of his planet with an overwhelming act of judgment. He reminds his people of that promise when he now promises to re-establish Israel as a nation at peace with their husband-Lord. That peace will be permanent this time because of what he is going to do in Israel, not just for them. He is resetting their value system. The foundation stones of the new Israel will be valuable gems, set in permanent settings. Their children will learn from Yahveh himself, and will experience rav shalom – intense peace. Like the planet after the flood, Israel will be over its catastrophe, and ready to start anew.

This is a promise for believers in Christ as well. Jesus gave his peace to us, a peace not affected by the trouble we will face before his return.[1] It is a peace that comes from strength to endure those troubles. Like precious stones set in a permanent setting, we will not be moved by the troubles around us. We will experience permanent peace as each generation learns from him.

LORD, we accept your promise of permanent peace through the strength that only you can give.

[1] John 14:27.

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Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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