permanent love

July 2015 (3)Isaiah 54:6-8

6 Because Yahveh called you when you were an abandoned wife and still grieving spiritually, like a wife pledged in childhood when she is rejected, says your God. 7 I did abandon you for a tiny moment, but I will gather you with enormous feelings of compassion. 8 In a temporary fit of wrath, I hid my face from you, but I will have compassion on you with permanent covenant loyalty says your redeemer, Yahveh.

permanent love

Marital Love is a beautiful thing, and it is just as alive today as it always has been, but many marriages in our generation do seem to have missed the idea of permanence. We are not the first generation to suffer this loss. Isaiah’s people knew of many women who had been abandoned by the one who had been pledged to them from childhood. They faced a life of shame and insecurity, made even more difficult by a society which would brand them as discards.

The LORD speaks through Isaiah to that generation and uses that social reality to explain something about himself. He admits being the kind of husband who for a tiny moment ignored the bride he was promised to. But he goes on to promise a restoration gathering that proves his enormous compassion on his people. His wrath against their sin was a temporary fit, but the restoration will be a permanent act of faithful love to those who covenant with him.

Maybe you feel abandoned by God today. You might be experiencing his brief fit of wrath against you for your sin and transgressions. You may feel like he has hidden his face from you, and maybe he has. But the choice is now yours. Will you pursue this permanent love he promised, or will you walk away, and consign yourself to a loveless life. On the other side of God’s wrath against your sin is God’s permanent love for you as his bride. Seek him until he finds you.

LORD, we do not deserve your permanent love, but we want it. Restore us to yourself because of who you are.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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