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sleeping Saviour

Mark 4:35-41 35 It happened when evening came that day, he said to them, “Let us go across to the other side.” 36 Then, leaving the crowd behind, they took him just as he was with them in the boat. … Continue reading

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small investment

Mark 4:30-34 30 He also said, “What can we compare the kingdom of God to, or which illustration will we use to describe it? 31 It is like a mustard seed, which, when it is being planted in the ground, … Continue reading

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automatic discipleship

Mark 4:26-29 26 He also said, “The kingdom of God is like a man who may throw the seed on the ground, 27 then he could sleep and get up night and day, and the seed would sprout and grow, … Continue reading

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hiding what we hear

Mark 4:21-25 21 He said to them, “Is a lamp brought in to be put under the bushel basket, or under the bed, and not on the lampstand? 22 Because there is nothing hidden now, except to be disclosed later; … Continue reading

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when they hear

Mark 4:14-20 14 The planter plants the word. 15 These are the ones on the path where the word is planted: when they hear, Satan immediately comes and takes away the word that is planted in them. 16 And these … Continue reading

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bigger on the inside

Mark 4:9-13 9 And he said, “Let anyone having ears to hear listen!” 10 When he was alone, those who were around him along with the twelve asked him about the illustrations. 11 And he said to them, “To you … Continue reading

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ministry measurement

Mark 4:1-8 1 Again he began to teach beside the sea. Such an extremely large crowd had gathered around him that he stepped into a boat on the sea and sat there, while the whole crowd was beside the sea … Continue reading

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disciples: faith overcomes fear

Mark 4:35-5:43.  In this group of stories, the disciples learn that Jesus has great power, and that their faith in him should help them to overcome irrational fear.       A great windstorm threatens to capsize the boat where … Continue reading

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disciples: privy to the secret

Mark 4:1-34.  The outsiders who criticized Jesus and his ministry could not understand what he was preaching.  They heard him talk about seeds and soils and wondered why he was giving agricultural advice.  They heard him talk about lamps, baskets, … Continue reading

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