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protection comes from the LORD

Leviticus 3:12-17 Lev 3:12 “If his offering is a goat, then he will offer it in Yahveh’s sight Lev 3:13 and lay his hand on its head and kill it in front of the conference tent, and the sons of … Continue reading

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community reconciliation

Leviticus 3:6-11 Lev 3:6 “If his offering for a sacrifice for healthy relationships to Yahveh is an animal from the flock, male or female, he will offer it perfect. Lev 3:7 If he offers a lamb for his offering, then … Continue reading

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community relationships

Leviticus 3:1-5 Lev 3:1 “If his offering is a sacrifice for healthy relationships, if he offers an animal from the herd, male or female, he will offer it perfect in Yahveh’s sight. Lev 3:2 And he will lay his hand … Continue reading

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committed devotion

Leviticus 3    The peace offerings showed how the worshipper could demonstrate complete dependence on the LORD, and find peace only in his relationship with the LORD.  Whatever was offered, it had to be without blemish.  You cannot offer your life … Continue reading

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