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beyond our pay grade

beyond our pay grade Judges 14:10-20 (JDV) Judges 14:10 His father went to visit the woman, and Samson prepared a feast there, as young men were accustomed to do. Judges 14:11 When the Philistines saw him, they brought thirty groomsmen … Continue reading

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our choices and God’s involvement

our choices and God’s involvement Judges 14:1-9 (JDV) Judges 14:1 Samson went down to Timnah and saw a young woman there among the daughters of the Philistines. Judges 14:2 He went back and told his father and his mother: “I … Continue reading

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seeking an opportunity

Judges 14 Samson’s parents could not understand why he would want to marry a Philistine woman.  But the Bible says he was not acting selfishly. He was “seeking an opportunity against the Philistines” (4).  When things don’t happen as we … Continue reading

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