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spared Joshua 6:20-25 (JDV) Joshua 6:20 So the troops yelled, and the trumpets sounded. When they heard the blast of the trumpet, the troops gave a great yell, and the wall collapsed. The troops advanced into the city, each man … Continue reading

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dedicated or destroyed

dedicated or destroyed Joshua 6:15-19 (JDV) Joshua 6:15 Early on the seventh day, they started at dawn and marched around the city seven times in the same way. That was the only day they marched around the city seven times. … Continue reading

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symbol of fear

symbol of fear Joshua 6:6-7 (JDV) Joshua 6:6 So Joshua son of Nun called the priests together and said to them, “Take up the ark of the covenant and have seven priests carry seven trumpets in front of the ark … Continue reading

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conditional victory

conditional victory Joshua 6:1-5 (JDV) Joshua 6:1 Jericho was strongly fortified because of the Israelites – no one leaving or entering. Joshua 6:2 Yahveh said to Joshua, “Notice, I have handed Jericho, its king, and its ablest soldiers over to … Continue reading

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our missions–his victories

Joshua 6 Most of us are used to reading Joshua 6 as a Sunday School story – one that encourages believers to stay in line and shout when we’re told to (or something like that).  Another way to read it … Continue reading

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