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a symbol of the future life

a symbol of the future life Joshua 11:21-23 (JDV) Joshua 11:21 At that time Joshua proceeded to exterminate the Anakim from the hill country – Hebron, Debir, Anab – all the hill country of Judah and of Israel. Joshua completely … Continue reading

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no neutral territories

no neutral territories Joshua 11:16-20 (JDV) Joshua 11:16 So Joshua took all this land – the hill country, all the Negev, all the land of Goshen, the foothills, the Arabah, and the hill country of Israel with its foothills – … Continue reading

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just keep doing it

just keep doing it Joshua 11:6-15 (JDV) Joshua 11:6 Yahveh said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid of them, for at this time tomorrow I will cause all of them to be killed in front of Israel. You are to … Continue reading

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the enemy’s escalation

the enemy’s escalation Joshua 11:1-5 (JDV) Joshua 11:1 When King Jabin of Hazor happened to hear this news, he sent a message to: King Jobab of Madon, the kings of Shimron and Achshaph, Joshua 11:2 and the kings of the … Continue reading

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missions and conflict #2

Joshua 11-12 Just as it was in the conquest of the Soutrhern lands, the kings of the Northern lands conspired in an alliance and came against Joshua, and the LORD gave them into the hands of Israel.  The reason was … Continue reading

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