together again


together again

Jeremiah 50:4-10 (JDV)

Jeremiah 50:4 In those days and at that time – this is what Yahveh declares – the sons of Israel and sons of Judah will come together, weeping as they come, and will seek Yahveh their God.
Jeremiah 50:5 They will ask about Zion, turning their faces to this road. They will come and join themselves to Yahveh in a permanent covenant that will never be forgotten.
Jeremiah 50:6 My people were lost sheep; their shepherds led them astray, guiding them the wrong way in the mountains. They wandered from mountain to hill; they forgot their resting place.
Jeremiah 50:7 Whoever found them devoured them. Their adversaries said, “We’re not guilty; instead, they have failed Yahveh, their righteous grazing land, the hope of their fathers, Yahveh.”
Jeremiah 50:8 Escape from Babylon; depart from the Chaldeans’ land. Be like the rams that lead the flock.
Jeremiah 50:9 You see, I will soon stir up and bring against Babylon a collection of great nations from the north country. They will line up in battle formation against her; from there she will be captured. Their arrows will be like a skilled warrior who does not return empty-handed.
Jeremiah 50:10 The Chaldeans will become plunder; all Babylon’s plunderers will be fully satisfied. This is what Yahveh declares.

together again

These are words of great comfort to a people who have undergone great tragedy. They knew tragedy spiritually, in that they lost their resting place, and everything that happened to them was the result of their own sin. They would come back to him again. They would come together again.

They knew tragedy physically, in that everything they had was lost. Even their children were killed or taken away to a foreign land by the Babylonians. Now, God says, they will be able to return. And that empire that caused all this tragedy will become plunder to other nations.

God speaks into the current situation with words of comfort for those who are facing tragedy.

Lord, we want to come together again, and turn to you, weeping.

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Babylon gets theirs


Babylon gets theirs

Jeremiah 50:1-3 (JDV)

Jeremiah 50:1 This is the word Yahveh spoke about Babylon, the land of the Chaldeans, through the prophet Jeremiah:
Jeremiah 50:2 Report to the nations; announce and raise up a signal flag; announce it, and hide nothing. Say, “Babylon is captured; Bel is put to shame; Marduk is terrified.” Her idols are put to shame; her false gods, devastated.
Jeremiah 50:3 You see, a nation from the north will attack her; it will make her land desolate. No one will be living in it – both people and animals will run away.

Babylon gets theirs

Nobody expected Jeremiah to say something like this. He was widely criticized because he had predicted that his own nation would be defeated, captured and exiled by the mighty armies of Nebuchadnezzar.

But God was going to use Babylon to render his punishment to all the nations. When their time came, they would get theirs too.

Fast forward to the New Testament. The book of Revelation speaks of the destruction of Babylon. It is a symbol of all the terrible means whereby God would judge the nations through other nations during this age. But at the end, even the great Babylon will get theirs.

When God sets up his new sky and land, there will be no Babylon the Great. All means of destruction will be destroyed, then our God will be all in all.

Lord, thank you for your eventual destruction of all things that destroy.

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devastate – restore


devastate – restore

Jeremiah 49:34-39 (JDV)

Jeremiah 49:34 This is the word of Yahveh that came to the prophet Jeremiah about Elam at the first of the reign of King Zedekiah of Judah.
Jeremiah 49:35 This is what Yahveh of Armies says: I am about to shatter Elam’s bow, the first of their might.
Jeremiah 49:36 I will bring the four winds against Elam from the four corners of the sky, and I will scatter them to all these winds. There will not be a nation to which Elam’s banished ones will not go.
Jeremiah 49:37 I will devastate Elam before their enemies, before those who intend to take their lives. I will bring disaster on them, my burning anger. This is what Yahveh declares. I will send the sword after them until I finish them off.
Jeremiah 49:38 I will set my throne in Elam, and I will destroy the king and officials from there. this is what Yahveh declares.
Jeremiah 49:39 Yet, in the last days, I will restore the fortunes of Elam. This is what Yahveh declares.

devastate – restore

Elam is just one of the many nations that would suffer devastation by means of the Babylonian invasion — and then restoration eventually.

This is the nature of our God. He is serious about sin, and we will suffer badly as long as we remain in rebellion against him and his word. But that same word offers hope for us, because our God wants to restore us.

Lord, bring the nations to repentance, acceptance of your Son as their king, and restoration in the last days.

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he sees what we don’t

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he sees what we don’t

Jeremiah 49:28-33 (JDV)

Jeremiah 49:28 This is what Yahveh says about Kedar and the kingdoms of Hazor, which King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon defeated: Rise up, attack Kedar, and destroy the people of the east!
Jeremiah 49:29 They will take their tents and their flocks along with their tent curtains and all their equipment. They will take their camels for themselves. They will call out to them, “Terror is on every side!”
Jeremiah 49:30 Run! Escape quickly! Lie low, residents of Hazor – this is what Yahveh declares – because King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon has drawn up a plan against you; he has devised a strategy against you.
Jeremiah 49:31 Rise up, attack a nation at ease, one living in security. This is what Yahveh declares. They have no doors, not even a gate bar; they live alone.
Jeremiah 49:32 Their camels will become plunder, and their massive herds of cattle will become spoil. I will scatter them to the wind in every direction, those who clip the hair on their temples; I will bring calamity on them across all their borders. This is what Yahveh declares.
Jeremiah 49:33 Hazor will become a jackals’ den, a permanent desolation. No one will live there; no human being will stay in it even temporarily.

he sees what we don’t

Kedar and Hazor were Arab nomaic tribes, and their kingdoms were ruled by tribal chiefs. There does not seem to be much information in the prophecy about the reason God chose to turn the Babylonians loose on Kedar and Hazor.

Matthew Henry has an interesting take on this section:

“These people had lived inoffensively among their neighbours, as many do, who yet, like them, are guilty before God; and it was to punish them for their offences against him that God said (v. 28): Arise, go up to Kedar, and spoil the men of the east. They will do it to gratify their own covetousness and ambition, but God orders it for the correcting of an unthankful people, and for warning to a careless world to expect trouble when they seem to be most safe.”

Many often wonder about those nations who do not seem to be bothering anyone else — whose only crime seems to be that they are different from us.

There has to be a point where we allow our sovereign God to be sovereign. If he chooses to judge another nation, he has the right to do so. If he is judging us, he has good reason to do it.

Lord, forgive us for passively judging you. Only you see the world as it truly is.

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like labor pains

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like labor pains

Jeremiah 49:23-27 (JDV)

Jeremiah 49:23 About Damascus: Hamath and Arpad are put to shame, because they have heard a bad report and are agitated, like the anxious sea that cannot be calmed.
Jeremiah 49:24 Damascus has become weak; she has turned to run; panic has gripped her. Distress and labor pains have seized her like a woman in labor.
Jeremiah 49:25 How can the city of praise not be abandoned, the town that brings me joy?
Jeremiah 49:26 Therefore, her young men will fall in her public squares; all the warriors will be silenced on that day. This is the declaration of Yahveh of Armies.
Jeremiah 49:27 I will set fire to the wall of Damascus; it will consume Ben-hadad’s citadels.

like labor pains

Damascus of Syria was a joy to the Lord, but he had to destroy it. He speaks of their time of distress before their destruction as a horrible time like a woman’s labor pains. Sound familiar?

Jesus described a time of global distress before his coming judgment with similar words:

Mark 13:8 (JDV)

“Because nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be disasters in various places; there will be famines. These events are just the beginning of the birth pangs.”

Lord, prepare us for your coming judgment. Help us to warn the people of all the nations of the coming destruction.

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a desolation like Sodom and Gomorrah

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a desolation like Sodom and Gomorrah

Jeremiah 49:7-22 (JDV)

Jeremiah 49:7 This is what Yahveh of Armies says about Edom: Is there no longer wisdom in Teman? Has counsel been destroyed from the prudent? Has their wisdom rotted away?
Jeremiah 49:8 Run! Turn back! Lie low, residents of Dedan, because I will bring Esau’s calamity on him at the time I punish him.
Jeremiah 49:9 If grape harvesters came to you, wouldn’t they leave some gleanings? Were thieves to come in the night, they would destroy only what they wanted.
Jeremiah 49:10 But I will strip Esau bare; I will uncover his secret places. He will try to hide, but he will be unable. His descendants will be destroyed along with his relatives and neighbors. He will exist no longer.
Jeremiah 49:11 Abandon your fatherless; I will preserve them; let your widows trust in me.
Jeremiah 49:12 You see, this is what Yahveh says: “If those who do not deserve to drink the cup must drink it, can you possibly remain unpunished? You will not remain unpunished, because you must drink it too.
Jeremiah 49:13 You see, by myself I have sworn” – this is what Yahveh declares – “Bozrah will become a desolation, a disgrace, a ruin, and an example for cursing, and all its surrounding cities will become permanent ruins.”
Jeremiah 49:14 I have heard an envoy from Yahveh; a messenger has been sent among the nations: Assemble yourselves to come against her. Rise up for war!
Jeremiah 49:15 I will certainly make you insignificant among the nations, despised among humanity.
Jeremiah 49:16 As to the terror you cause, your arrogant heart has deceived you. You who live in the clefts of the rock, you who occupy the mountain summit, though you elevate your nest like the eagles, even from there I will bring you down. This is what Yahveh declares.
Jeremiah 49:17 “Edom will become a desolation. Everyone who passes by her will be appalled and whistle because of all her wounds.
Jeremiah 49:18 Like when Sodom and Gomorrah were overthrown along with their neighbors,” says Yahveh, “no one will live there; no human being will stay in it even temporarily.
Jeremiah 49:19 “Look, it will be like a lion coming from the thickets of the Jordan to the watered grazing land. I will chase Edom away from her land in a flash. I will appoint whoever is chosen for her. You see, who is like me? Who will issue me a summons? Who is the shepherd who can stand against me?”
Jeremiah 49:20 Therefore, hear the plans that Yahveh has drawn up against Edom and the strategies he has devised against the people of Teman: The flock’s little lambs will certainly be dragged away, and their grazing land will be made desolate because of them.
Jeremiah 49:21 At the sound of their fall the land will quake; the sound of her cry will be heard at the Red Sea.
Jeremiah 49:22 Notice! It will be like an eagle soaring upward, then swooping down and spreading its wings over Bozrah. In that day the hearts of Edom’s warriors will be like the heart of a woman with contractions.

a desolation like Sodom and Gomorrah

Jeremiah predicts the destruction of Edom by comparing their fate with that of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Peter says that God’s final judgment will also result in the ungodly being reduced to ashes. It is a terrible fate and irreversible.

“and did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah, a preacher of righteousness, with seven others, when He brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly; and if He condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to destruction by reducing them to ashes, having made them an example to those who would live ungodly lives thereafter” (2 Peter 2:5-6 NASB).

Lord, give us the wisdom to turn from our wickedness before your final judgment destroys us.

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trusting in our treasures

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trusting in our treasures

Jeremiah 49:1-6 (JDV)

Jeremiah 49:1 This is what Yahveh says about the Ammonites: Does Israel have no sons? Is he without an heir? Why then has Milcom dispossessed Gad and his people settled in their cities?
Jeremiah 49:2 Therefore notice, the days are coming – this is what Yahveh declares – when I will make the shout of battle heard against Rabbah of the Ammonites. It will become a desolate mound, and its surrounding villages will be set on fire. Israel will conquer their conquerors, says Yahveh.
Jeremiah 49:3 Wail, Heshbon, because Ai is devastated; cry out, daughters of Rabbah! Clothe yourselves with sackcloth, and lament; run back and forth within your walls, because Milcom will go into exile together with his priests and officials.
Jeremiah 49:4 Why do you boast about your valleys, your flowing valley, you faithless daughter – you who trust in your treasures and say, “Who can come against me?”
Jeremiah 49:5 Notice, I am about to bring terror on you – this is the declaration of the Lord Yahveh of Armies – from all those around you. You will be banished, each person face first, with no one to gather up the fugitives.
Jeremiah 49:6 But after that, I will restore the fortunes of the Ammonites. this is what Yahveh declares.

trusting in our treasures

This year, we have heard a warning from God. As a planet, we have confidently strutted around the walls of our castle and declared ourselves invincible. We had trusted in our treasures like the Ammonites, and boastfully asked “who can come against me?”

Then the Coronavirus happened.

The fear, the disruption of our lives, the forced isolation, the loss of jobs, lives, security … it stopped us short.

God can put an end to the threat, but we have to decide whether we heed the warning.

Lord, we declare our need for you, and ask you to restore our fortunes.

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Moab’s pride


Moab’s pride

Jeremiah 48:1-47 (JDV)

Jeremiah 48:1 About Moab, this is what Yahveh of Armies, the God of Israel, says: Tragedy to Nebo, because it is about to be destroyed; Kiriathaim will be put to shame; it will be taken captive. The fortress will be put to shame and dismayed!
Jeremiah 48:2 There is no longer praise for Moab; they plan harm against her in Heshbon: Come, let’s cut her off from nationhood. Also, Madmen, you will be silenced; the sword will follow you.
Jeremiah 48:3 A voice cries out from Horonaim, “devastation and a crushing blow!”
Jeremiah 48:4 Moab will be shattered; her little ones will cry out.
Jeremiah 48:5 For on the Ascent to Luhith they will be weeping continually, and on the descent to Horonaim will be heard cries of distress over the destruction:
Jeremiah 48:6 Flee! Save your lives! Be like a juniper bush in the open country.
Jeremiah 48:7 Because you trust in your works and treasures, you will be captured also. Chemosh will go into exile with his priests and officials.
Jeremiah 48:8 The destroyer will move against every town; not one town will escape. The valley will perish, and the plain will be annihilated, as Yahveh has said.
Jeremiah 48:9 Make Moab a salt marsh, for she will run away; her towns will become a desolation, without inhabitant.
Jeremiah 48:10 The one who does Yahveh’s business deceitfully is cursed, and the one who withholds his sword from bloodshed is cursed.
Jeremiah 48:11 Moab has been left quiet since his youth, settled like wine on its dregs. He hasn’t been poured from one container to another or gone into exile. So his taste has remained the same, and his aroma hasn’t changed.
Jeremiah 48:12 Therefore look, the days are coming – this is what Yahveh declares – when I will send cellarmen to him, who will pour him out. They will empty his containers and smash his jars.
Jeremiah 48:13 Moab will be put to shame because of Chemosh, just as the house of Israel was put to shame because of Bethel that they trusted in.
Jeremiah 48:14 How can you say, “We are warriors– valiant men for battle”?
Jeremiah 48:15 The destroyer of Moab and its towns has come up, and the best of its young men have gone down to slaughter. This is the King’s declaration; Yahveh of Armies is his name.
Jeremiah 48:16 Moab’s calamity is near at hand; his disaster is rushing swiftly.
Jeremiah 48:17 Mourn for him, all you surrounding nations, everyone who knows his name. Say, “How the mighty scepter is shattered, the glorious staff!”
Jeremiah 48:18 Come down from glory; sit on parched ground, resident of the daughter of Dibon, because the destroyer of Moab has come against you; he has destroyed your fortresses.
Jeremiah 48:19 Stand by the highway and watch, resident of Aroer! Ask him who is fleeing or her who is escaping, “What happened?”
Jeremiah 48:20 Moab is put to shame, indeed dismayed. Wail and cry out! Declare by the Arnon that Moab is destroyed.
Jeremiah 48:21 “Judgment has come to the land of the plateau – to Holon, Jahzah, Mephaath,
Jeremiah 48:22 Dibon, Nebo, Beth-diblathaim,
Jeremiah 48:23 Kiriathaim, Beth-gamul, Beth-meon,
Jeremiah 48:24 Kerioth, Bozrah, and all the towns of the land of Moab, those far and near.
Jeremiah 48:25 Moab’s horn is chopped off; his arm is shattered.” This is what Yahveh declares.
Jeremiah 48:26 “Make him drunk, because he has exalted himself against Yahveh. Moab will wallow in his own vomit, and he will also become a laughingstock.
Jeremiah 48:27 Wasn’t Israel a laughingstock to you? Was he ever found among thieves? You see, whenever you speak of him you shake your head.”
Jeremiah 48:28 Abandon the towns! Live in the cliffs, residents of Moab! Be like a dove that nests inside the mouth of a cave.
Jeremiah 48:29 We have heard of Moab’s pride, great pride, indeed – his insolence, arrogance, pride, and haughty heart.
Jeremiah 48:30 I know his outburst. This is what Yahveh declares. It is empty. His boast is empty.
Jeremiah 48:31 Therefore, I will wail over Moab. I will cry out for Moab, all of it; he will moan for the men of Kir-heres.
Jeremiah 48:32 I will weep for you, vine of Sibmah, with more than the weeping for Jazer. Your tendrils have extended to the sea; they have reached to the sea and to Jazer. The destroyer has fallen on your summer fruit and grape harvest.
Jeremiah 48:33 Gladness and celebration are taken from the fertile field and from the land of Moab. I have stopped the flow of wine from the winepresses; no one will tread with shouts of joy. The shouting is not a shout of joy.
Jeremiah 48:34 “There is a cry from Heshbon to Elealeh; they make their voices heard as far as Jahaz – from Zoar to Horonaim and Eglath-shelishiyah – because even the Waters of Nimrim have become desolate.
Jeremiah 48:35 In Moab, I will stop” – This is what Yahveh declares – “the one who offers sacrifices on the high place and burns incense to his gods.
Jeremiah 48:36 Therefore, my heart moans like flutes for Moab, and my heart moans like flutes for the people of Kir-heres. And therefore, the wealth he has gained has perished.
Jeremiah 48:37 Indeed, every head is bald and every beard is chopped short. On every hand is a gash and sackcloth around the waist.
Jeremiah 48:38 On all the rooftops of Moab and in her public squares, everyone is mourning because I have shattered Moab like a jar no one wants.” this is what Yahveh declares.
Jeremiah 48:39 “How broken it is! They wail! How Moab has turned his back! He is ashamed. Moab will become a laughingstock and a shock to all those around him.”
Jeremiah 48:40 You see, this is what Yahveh says: Notice! He will swoop down like an eagle and spread his wings against Moab.
Jeremiah 48:41 The towns have been captured, and the strongholds seized. In that day the heart of Moab’s warriors will be like the heart of a woman with contractions.
Jeremiah 48:42 Moab will be destroyed as a people because he has exalted himself against Yahveh.
Jeremiah 48:43 Panic, pit, and trap await you, resident of Moab. this is what Yahveh declares.
Jeremiah 48:44 He who flees from the panic will fall in the pit, and he who climbs from the pit will be captured in the trap, because I will bring against Moab the year of their punishment. This is what Yahveh declares.
Jeremiah 48:45 Those who flee will stand exhausted in Heshbon’s shadow because fire has come out from Heshbon and a flame from within Sihon. It will devour Moab’s forehead and the skull of the noisemakers.
Jeremiah 48:46 Tragedy to you, Moab! The people of Chemosh have perished because your sons have been taken captive and your daughters have gone into captivity.
Jeremiah 48:47 Yet, I will restore the fortunes of Moab in the last days. this is what Yahveh declares. The judgment on Moab ends here.

Moab’s pride

Moab’s judgment will humble it, and the nation will be destroyed and will no longer be a people. The reason is pride. Moab magnified himself against Yahveh. Just because you are winning does not mean that you are a winner. Real success is lasting success, and that only comes to those who fear and love Yahveh. The Moabites have learned that lesson. Have we?

Lord, we renounce our successes and acclaims. We trust in you, and seek your kingdom and righteousness. We will not magnify ourselves against you.

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sword of Yahveh!

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sword of Yahveh!

Jeremiah 47:1-7 (JDV)

Jeremiah 47:1 This is the word of Yahveh that was to Jeremiah the prophet about the Philistines before Pharaoh defeated Gaza.
Jeremiah 47:2 This is what Yahveh says: Look, water is rising from the north and becoming an overflowing wadi. It will overflow the land and everything in it, the cities and their inhabitants. The people will cry out, and everyone staying of the land will wail.
Jeremiah 47:3 At the sound of the stomping hooves of his stallions, the rumbling of his chariots, and the clatter of their wheels, fathers will not turn back for their sons. They will be utterly helpless
Jeremiah 47:4 on the day that is coming to destroy all the Philistines, to cut off from Tyre and Sidon every remaining ally. Indeed, Yahveh is about to destroy the Philistines, the remainder of the coastland of Caphtor.
Jeremiah 47:5 Baldness is coming to Gaza; Ashkelon will become silent, O remainder of their valley, how long will you gash yourself?
Jeremiah 47:6 Tragedy, sword of Yahveh! How long will you be restless? Go back to your sheath; be still and silent!
Jeremiah 47:7 How can it rest when Yahveh has given it a command? He has assigned it against Ashkelon and the shore of the sea.

sword of Yahveh!

Jeremiah had just declared that Egypt would not be able to withstand the attacks of Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon. Now he says the same thing about the Philistines. Mighty Babylon is not conquering these nations because of its own power. It is being wielded by God himself. Babylon is the sword of Yahveh!

Lord, thank you that there is no power on earth that is not empowered by You.

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mercenaries in Egypt

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mercenaries in Egypt

Jeremiah 46:1-28 (JDV)

Jeremiah 46:1 This is the word of Yahveh that came to the prophet Jeremiah about the nations:
Jeremiah 46:2 About Egypt and the army of Pharaoh Neco, Egypt’s king, which was defeated at Carchemish on the Euphrates River by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon in the fourth year of Judah’s King Jehoiakim son of Josiah:
Jeremiah 46:3 Deploy small shields and large; approach for battle!
Jeremiah 46:4 Harness the horses; mount the steeds; take your positions with helmets on! Polish the lances; put on armor!
Jeremiah 46:5 Why have I seen this? They are terrified, they are retreating, their warriors are crushed, they flee headlong, they never look back, terror is on every side! this is what Yahveh declares.
Jeremiah 46:6 The swift cannot flee, and the warrior cannot escape! In the north by the bank of the Euphrates River, they stumble and fall.
Jeremiah 46:7 Who is this, rising like the Nile, with waters that churn like rivers?
Jeremiah 46:8 Egypt rises like the Nile, and its waters churn like rivers. He boasts, “I will go up, I will cover the land; I will destroy cities with their residents.”
Jeremiah 46:9 Rise up, you cavalry! Race furiously, you chariots! Let the warriors march out – Cush and Put, who are able to handle shields, and the men of Lud, who are able to handle and string the bow.
Jeremiah 46:10 That day belongs to Yahveh, the God of Armies, a day of vengeance to avenge himself against his adversaries. The sword will devour and be satisfied; it will drink its fill of their blood, because it will be a sacrifice to Yahveh, the God of Armies, in the northern land by the Euphrates River.
Jeremiah 46:11 Go up to Gilead and get balm, Virgin Daughter Egypt! You have multiplied remedies in vain; there is no healing for you.
Jeremiah 46:12 The nations have heard of your dishonor, and your cries fill the land, because warrior stumbles against warrior and together both of them have fallen.
Jeremiah 46:13 This is the word Yahveh spoke to the prophet Jeremiah about the coming of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to defeat the land of Egypt:
Jeremiah 46:14 Announce it in Egypt, and proclaim it in Migdol! Proclaim it in Memphis and in Tahpanhes! Say, “Take positions! Prepare yourself, for the sword devours all around you.”
Jeremiah 46:15 Why have your strong ones been swept away? Each has not stood, for Yahveh has thrust him down.
Jeremiah 46:16 He continues to stumble. Indeed, each falls over the other. They say, “Get up! Let’s return to our people and to our native land, away from the oppressor’s sword.”
Jeremiah 46:17 There they will cry out, “Pharaoh king of Egypt was all noise; he let the opportune moment pass.”
Jeremiah 46:18 As I live – this is the King’s declaration; Yahveh of Armies is his name – the king of Babylon will come like Tabor among the mountains and like Carmel by the sea.
Jeremiah 46:19 Get your bags ready for exile, inhabitant of Daughter Egypt! You see, Memphis will become a desolation, uninhabited ruins.
Jeremiah 46:20 Egypt is a beautiful young cow, but a horsefly from the north is coming against her.
Jeremiah 46:21 Even her mercenaries among her are like stall-fed calves. They too will turn back; together they will flee; they will not take their stand, because the day of their calamity is coming on them, the time of their punishment.
Jeremiah 46:22 Egypt will hiss like a slithering snake, because the enemy will come with an army; with axes they will come against her like those who cut trees.
Jeremiah 46:23 They will cut down her forest – this is what Yahveh declares – though it is dense, because they are more numerous than locusts; they cannot be counted.
Jeremiah 46:24 Daughter Egypt will be put to shame, handed over to a northern people.
Jeremiah 46:25 Yahveh of Armies, the God of Israel, says, “I am about to punish Amon, god of Thebes, along with Pharaoh, Egypt, her gods, and her kings – Pharaoh and those trusting in him.
Jeremiah 46:26 I will hand them over to those who intend to take their lives – to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and his officers. But after this, Egypt will be inhabited again as in ancient times.” this is what Yahveh declares.
Jeremiah 46:27 But you, my servant Jacob, do not be afraid, and do not be discouraged, Israel, because without fail I will rescue you from far away, and your descendants from the land of their captivity! Jacob will return and have calm and quiet with no one to frighten him.
Jeremiah 46:28 And you, my servant Jacob, do not be afraid – this is what Yahveh declares – because I will be with you. I will bring destruction on all the nations where I have banished you, but I will not bring destruction on you. I will discipline you with justice, and I will by no means leave you unpunished.

mercenaries in Egypt

The mercenaries that Pharaoh hired to do battle for Egypt will blame the Pharaoh for bragging about the might of his invincible nation, but will say that he missed the opportunity to defeat Babylon. They will see the attacking Babylonians and say “forget this” — and go home.

Meanwhile, the exiled Israelites hear the word from Jeremiah, and it is a word of comfort. Although they are being disciplined, it will not result in their destruction. God still has a plan for his people, so the word of the day is: “And you, my servant Jacob, do not be afraid – this is what Yahveh declares – because I will be with you.”

Lord, thank you for your presence during times of turmoil.

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