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Zechariah 7 Chislev was the month designated for fasting, to remember the destruction of Jerusalem.  Now that the temple was being rebuilt, some of the people requested that the fast be discontinued.  Zechariah’s answer from the LORD was that the … Continue reading

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house privileges

Jeremiah 11:1-17   The LORD’s covenant was a covenant of freedom, but the people, once freed, sought bondage again by pursuing the gods of the nations.  Therefore, the LORD intends to bring disaster upon them, because he must keep his … Continue reading

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pleas for mercy

Psalm 28 David dares to ask God to act justly and drag off his hypocritical enemies.  But for himself, he pleas for mercy. When God grants him victory over his enemies, he praises God who has heard his pleas for … Continue reading

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mercy and judgment

2 Samuel 12 David’s confession before Nathan was a sign of true repentance, so the LORD chose to forgive his sins.  But because his actions had brought dishonor to God, the consequences remained.  Bathsheba’s child would die.  God’s mercy is … Continue reading

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in retrospect: hinges of mercy

Deuteronomy 9:6-10:11 Moses’ prayers  served as hinges that let the LORD turn from his judgment upon Israel to his mercy toward them.  Many times the anger of the LORD was ready to consume the people, and it was the persistent … Continue reading

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a victorious walk

Numbers 31 Moses had already known for some time that he would not accompany his people to the promised land.  He had sinned, and there would be consequences.  Nevertheless, God gave him one final victory to show that he was … Continue reading

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only Jesus: source of God’s grace

Hebrews 4:14-5:10.  Jesus is one of us.  He understands us.  He knows what makes us tick.  When we fail, he knows why.  We can come to him, pleading for mercy and grace again,  because he is able to sympathize with … Continue reading

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joy from others

Philippians 2:12-30.  Paul was no lone ranger. He was blessed by those who ministered the gospel because of him, those who served alongside him in his team, and those who were sent to support him and provide for his needs. … Continue reading

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mercy in ministry

2 Corinthians 1:12-2:11.  Paul had decided to delay his plans to visit Corinth out of mercy. He felt that a visit soon after his painful letter would only accentuate the condemnation the church members were experiencing.  He wanted to give … Continue reading

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