Yahveh will rebuild Zion


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Yahveh will rebuild Zion

Psalm 102:12-17 (JDV)

Psalm 102:12 But you, Yahveh, remain sitting permanently; your fame endures from one generation to the next.
Psalm 102:13 You will rise up and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favor to her – the appointed time has come.
Psalm 102:14 Yes, your servants are pleased with its stones and favor its dust.
Psalm 102:15 Then the nations will fear the name of Yahveh, and all the kings of the land your fame,
Psalm 102:16 because Yahveh will rebuild Zion; he will appear in his fame.
Psalm 102:17 He will pay attention to the prayer of the stripped people and will not despise their prayer.

Yahveh will rebuild Zion

Lieth suggests two options in interpreting the prophecy in verse 16: “This verse could describe the repatriation of Israel and the nation’s founding, or it could describe the construction upon the land. That could mean that the construction of Zion is directly tied to Jesus’ return” (69). It is entirely possible that the events taking place in the world right now are indications of the Messiah’s soon return.

Lieth, Norbert. Messianic Psalms. West Columbia, S.C: Olive Press, 2012.


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