lie free palace


lie free palace

Psalm 101:7 (JDV)

Psalm 101:7 No one who acts deceitfully will stay in my palace; the one who tells lies will not be retained here to guide me.

lie free palace

This poem, entitled WATCHFULNESS appeared in Martha Daniel’s “Dew of Hermon”:

“Ye saints of God, arise!
Your houses guard with care,
That sin may not before your eyes
Take the possession there.

For slander and deceit,
And crimes of every hue
Will strive to gain within a seat,
And tarry there with you.

O keep your own hearts pure,
That you may ever be
A terror to the evil doer,
That they may from you flee.

God surely will destroy
The wicked of the land,
But all his saints shall still enjoy
The blessings of his hand” (93).

Our King wants his servants to be free of deceit.

LORD, purify our hearts so that we can serve in your palace.

Daniel, Martha A. The Dew of Hermon. Lewiston, Me.: J.A. Smith, printer, 1858.


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