they shall not prevail


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they shall not prevail

Psalm 93:1-2 (JDV)

Psalm 93:3 The rivers have lifted up, Yahveh, the rivers have lifted up their voice; the rivers lift up their pounding waves.
Psalm 93:4 Greater than the roar of much water – the mighty breakers of the sea – Yahveh on high is majestic.

they shall not prevail

Luther continues, “But against (Christ’s) kingdom, as the Psalmist saith, the ‘waves and ‘mighty waters’ will swell and lift up themselves; that is, the kingdoms and peoples of the world will roar against the Lord and against his
Anointed; and will rage against the godly with sword and fire; but they shall not prevail: for, as Daniel saith, ‘this kingdom shall break in pieces all other kingdoms beneath it, and shall stand forever’ Daniel ii. 44″ (247).

The majesty of God will not allow his Son’s kingdom to be shaken. The usurpers shall not prevail.

Luther, Martin. A Manual of the Book of Psalms, Or, the Subject-Contents of All the Psalms. London: R.B. Seeley & W. Burnside, 1837.


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