he bestows and withdraws


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he bestows and withdraws

Psalm 90:3-4 (JDV)

Psalm 90:3 You return mortal humankind to the dust, saying, “Return, children of Adam.”
Psalm 90:4 Yes, in your sight a thousand years are like yesterday that passes by, like a watch of the night.

he bestows and withdraws

Rogerson & McKay comment on verse 3: “God both bestows and withdraws the life-force which makes man a living person as opposed to lifeless matter” (200).

He decides how much time each of us has, and he does not pass that information along. It, therefore, behooves us to use the time we have in the best possible way. Each day is a gift from him, and we do not know how many such gifts we will have.

Rogerson, J W, and J W. McKay. Psalms 101-150. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1977.


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