the first batch goes to the priest


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the first batch goes to the priest

Ezekiel 44:28-31 (JDV)

Ezekiel 44:28 “This will be their inheritance: I am their inheritance. You are to give them no possession in Israel: I am their possession.
Ezekiel 44:29 They will eat the grain offering, the failure offering, and the guilt offering. Everything in Israel that is permanently dedicated to Yahveh will belong to them.
Ezekiel 44:30 The first of all the firstfruits of every kind and contribution of every kind from all your gifts will belong to the priests. You are to give your first batch of dough to the priest so that a blessing may rest on your homes.
Ezekiel 44:31 The priests may not eat any bird or animal that died naturally or was mauled by wild beasts.

the first batch goes to the priest

The people are told to bless their priests, and a corresponding blessing would rest on their homes. But if the priest got second best, there would be no blessing for the home.

God is watching to see how we really feel about those who serve him among us. We can declare all we want in the assemby, but the real test of our love for God is how we demonstrate our appreciation for him and his worship.

LORD, give us the wisdom to show our love to you by blessing your servants.


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