victory and peace


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victory and peace

Ezekiel 40:32-34 (JDV)

Ezekiel 40:32 Then he brought me to the inner court on the east side. When he measured the gate, it had the same measurements as the others.
Ezekiel 40:33 Its recesses, jambs, and portico had the same measurements as the others. Both it and its portico had windows all around. It was 50 cubits long and 25 cubits wide.
Ezekiel 40:34 Its portico faced the outer court, and its jambs were decorated with palm trees on each side. Its stairway had eight steps.

victory and peace

Palm trees adorned the temple of Solomon, and Ezekiel sees them in his temple vision as well. The palm was a recognized symbol of victory and peace. The palm “branches” (really leaves — not branches) that people waived as Jesus entered Jerusalem (John 12:13) were like flags declaring him the new king who would bring victory and peace to the city. The victory and peace that Jesus offers is eternal victory over sin and peace with God.

LORD, renew our hearts and lives. Prepare us for our permanent inheritance of victory and peace.

See Davis, John D. Illustrated Davis Dictionary of the Bible. [s. l.]: Old-time Gospel Hour Edition, 1973. p. 591-592.


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