Merry Christmas, Gog


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Merry Christmas, Gog

Ezekiel 38:17-23 (JDV)

Ezekiel 38:17 ” ‘This is what the Lord Yahveh says: Are you the one I spoke about in former times through my servants, the prophets of Israel, who for years prophesied in those times that I would bring you against them?
Ezekiel 38:18 Now on that day, the day when Gog comes against the land of Israel– this is the declaration of the Lord Yahveh– my wrath will flare up.
Ezekiel 38:19 I swear in my zeal and fiery rage: On that day there will be a great earthquake in the land of Israel.
Ezekiel 38:20 The fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the animals of the field, every creature that crawls on the ground, and every human being on the face of the land will tremble before me. The mountains will be demolished, the cliffs will collapse, and every wall will fall to the ground.
Ezekiel 38:21 I will call for a sword against him on all my mountains – this is the declaration of the Lord Yahveh – and every man’s sword will be against his brother.
Ezekiel 38:22 I will execute judgment on him with epidemic and bloodshed. I will pour out torrential rain, hailstones, fire, and burning sulfur on him, as well as his troops and the many peoples who are with him.
Ezekiel 38:23 I will display my greatness and sacredness and will reveal myself in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am Yahveh.’

Merry Christmas, Gog

This is obviously not a passage about the birth of Christ, and I considered posting a special holiday message instead of continuing my study of Ezekiel. But it occurred to me that the message of today’s text is appropriate. The story of Christmas is — as Pastor Marty Gibbs preached — “We interrupt this message.”

The evil tyrant Gog advances upon Israel and prepares to invade and destroy it. All of a sudden, God shows up. He had predicted this. He is not afraid. God waits for Gog to appear in history because he has a present for this bad boy.

Whatever you are facing this Christmas season, don’t worry. God knows the end from the beginning. If evil comes to your house, God will be there to meet it.

Merry Christmas.


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