Pharaoh destined for dirt


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Pharaoh destined for dirt

Ezekiel 31:18 (JDV)

Ezekiel 31:18 ” ‘Who then are you like in impressive appearance and greatness among Eden’s trees? You also will be brought down to below the ground to be with the trees of Eden. You will lie among the uncircumcised with those murdered ones by the sword. This is Pharaoh and all his processions. This is the declaration of the Lord Yahveh.'”

Pharaoh destined for dirt

Ezekiel had just reminded Pharaoh that all the great rulers who had led humanity before him (he called then Eden’s trees) had died and been brought down to below the ground. Now he reminds Pharaoh that the same fate awaits him as well. No matter how big you are, you are destined for dirt. So, after all the hype is over, the only thing that will matter is your relationship with God. Death is a great equalizer. What happens after death is up to the LORD.

Davidson goes beyond this when he asserts “The history of nations is the judgment of nations. But the nations like individuals continue to subsist, they bear their shame in Sheòl for ever.” 1 No, Ezekiel’s point was not that Egypt would continue to subsist (or exist) in Sheol. His point was that they would come to an end. God’s judgment of individuals will not take place in Sheol. There must be a resurrection for that. Until then, Pharaoh — like all the other trees of Eden — will lie silent in the ground.

1 Davidson, A. B. Ezekiel. Cambridge: University Press, 1892. p. 232.

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