epidemic and bloodshed


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epidemic and bloodshed

Ezekiel 28:20-24 (JDV)

Ezekiel 28:20 The word of Yahveh happened to me:
Ezekiel 28:21 “Son of Adam, face Sidon and prophesy against it.
Ezekiel 28:22 You are to say, ‘This is what the Lord Yahveh says: Notice! I am against you, Sidon, and I will display my impressive appearance within you. They will know that I am Yahveh when I execute judgments against her and demonstrate my devotion through her.
Ezekiel 28:23 I will send an epidemic against her and bloodshed in her streets; the murdered ones will fall within her, while the sword is against her on every side. Then they will know that I am Yahveh.
Ezekiel 28:24 ” ‘The house of Israel will no longer be hurt by prickly briers or painful thorns from all their neighbors who treat them triflingly. Then they will know that I am the Lord Yahveh.

Henderson* says that all that is left of the glorious Sidon is a small town, Saida, a little to the west. “It has a fine old ruined tower projecting far into the sea, with a bridge of many arches that was built to reach it” (143).

A combination of epidemic and war left this great city in ruins. Such is the fate of any great city — or person — who does not bow the knee to the LORD.

  • *Henderson, E. The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel. London: Hamilton, Adams, 1855.

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