self-perspective, God-awareness


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self-perspective, God-awareness

Ezekiel 20:39-44 (JDV)

Ezekiel 20:39 ” ‘As for you, house of Israel, this is what the Lord Yahveh says: Go and serve your idols, each of you. But afterward, you will surely listen to me, and you will no longer defile my devoted name with your gifts and idols.
Ezekiel 20:40 For on my devoted mountain, Israel’s high mountain – the declaration of the Lord Yahveh – there the entire house of Israel, all of them, will serve me in the land. There I will accept them and will require your contributions and first gifts, all your devoted offerings.
Ezekiel 20:41 When I bring you from the peoples and gather you from the countries where you have been scattered, I will accept you as a pleasing aroma. And I will demonstrate my devotion through you in the sight of the nations.
Ezekiel 20:42 When I lead you into the land of Israel, the land I swore to give your fathers, you will know that I am Yahveh.
Ezekiel 20:43 There you will remember your ways and all your deeds by which you have defiled yourself, and you will detest yourselves for all the evil things you have done.
Ezekiel 20:44 You will know that I am Yahveh, house of Israel when I have dealt with you for the sake of my name rather than according to your evil ways and corrupt acts. This is the declaration of the Lord Yahveh.'”

self-perspective, God-awareness

Note the two things that God expects to happen as a result of the exile. First, his people will learn to see themselves as they really are. They will detest themselves because of their idolatry and compromise.

Second, they will learn to see God as who he really is. They will know that God is unique.

LORD, give us true knowledge of ourselves and a true appreciation of you.


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