the guidance of grace


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the guidance of grace

Ezekiel 20:13b-17 (JDV)

Ezekiel 20:13b So I considered pouring out my wrath on them in the open country to put an end to them.
Ezekiel 20:14 But I acted for the sake of my name so that it would not be polluted in the eyes of the nations in whose sight I had brought them out.
Ezekiel 20:15 However, I swore to them in the open country that I would not bring them into the land I had given them – the most beautiful of all lands, flowing with milk and honey –
Ezekiel 20:16 because they rejected my rules, polluted my Sabbaths, and did not follow my prescriptions. You see, their hearts went after their idols.
Ezekiel 20:17 Yet my eye compassionately spared them from destruction and did not bring them to an end in the open country.

the guidance of grace

That is our God. He patiently guides us in the open country, despite our failure to follow his commands. If we got what we deserved, there would be nothing left to save. But our God is a God of compassion and grace.

LORD, may we learn from your patience and grace, and repent of our sins before our time is up.


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