in our dreams


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in our dreams

Ezekiel 11:22-25 (JDV)

Ezekiel 11:22 Then the cherubs, with the wheels beside them, lifted their wings, and the impressive appearance of the God of Israel was above them.
Ezekiel 11:23 The impressive appearance of Yahveh rose up from within the city and stopped on the mountain east of the city.
Ezekiel 11:24 The Breath lifted me up and brought me to Chaldea and to the exiles in a vision from the Breath of God. After the vision I had seen left me,
Ezekiel 11:25 I spoke to the exiles about all the things Yahveh had shown me.

in our dreams

This passage reminds me of some of my best sermons — which I preached in my sleep! I felt so good during those dreams where I shared the word to a ready audience and connected so well. I felt so strange waking up and realizing that it was a dream.

Ezekiel had the opportunity to preach to the exiles in Chaldea. It was in the middle of a vision. Those exiles didn’t hear what he said. But it must have felt wonderful for Ezekiel.

Thank you LORD, for giving us a chance to encourage others — even if it is sometimes in our dreams.


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