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Ezekiel 7:10-13 (JDV)

Ezekiel 7:10 Notice the day! Notice it is coming! Doom is on its way. The branch has blossomed; arrogance has bloomed.
Ezekiel 7:11 Violence has grown into a branch of guilt. None of them will remain: none of that crowd, none of their wealth, and none of the eminent among them.
Ezekiel 7:12 The time has come; the day has arrived. Let the buyer not be glad and the seller not mourn, because wrath is on her whole crowd.
Ezekiel 7:13 The seller will certainly not return to what was sold as long as he and the buyer remain alive because the vision concerning her whole crowd will not be revoked, and because of the violation of each one, none will feel his life strengthened.


The prophet Ezekiel was not just being cynical. He was literally called to be a prophet of doom. We need people with the courage to stand up today and tell the world that the day is coming, and nobody is going to escape it. We might escape COVID-19, but none of us is going to miss the return of Christ. That day will be a day of joy only for those who follow Christ today. For all others, it will be doomsday.

LORD, give us the courage to stand up for your kingdom and your gospel today.

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