I sat there among them


Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Pexels.com

I sat there among them

Ezekiel 3:12-15

Ezekiel 3:12 The Breath then lifted me up, and I heard a loud rumbling sound behind me – bless the impressive appearance of Yahveh in his place! –
Ezekiel 3:13 with the sound of the living beings’ wings brushing against each other and the sound of the wheels beside them, a loud rumbling sound.
Ezekiel 3:14 The Breath lifted me up and took me away. I left in bitterness and in an angry breath, and Yahveh’s hand was on me powerfully.
Ezekiel 3:15 I came to the exiles at Tel-Abib, who were living by the Chebar Canal, and I sat there among them horrified for seven days.

I sat there among them

Ezekiel was given a week to observe what was happening among the Tel-Abib exiles. Before he would speak the words of God, he was given a good look at the people he was to speak to. What he saw horrified him. The contrast between the glory of God he had seen in his inaugural vision and the corruption and sin he saw there terrified him. He knew he was going to have to condemn these people.

Lord, give us a clear understanding of your holiness, and the failure of those to whom you call us to speak.

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