first responder

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first responder

Psalm 83:1-8 (JDV)

Psalm 83:11 God, do not keep silent. Do not be at rest, God; do not be quiet.
Psalm 83:2 See how your enemies make an uproar; those who hate you have lifted up their heads.
Psalm 83:3 They think up clever strategies against your people; they conspire against your treasured ones.
Psalm 83:4 They say, “Let us walk, and we will make them disappear as a nation so that Israel’s name will no longer be remembered.”
Psalm 83:5 For they have conspired with one mind; they form an alliance against you–
Psalm 83:6 the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagrites,
Psalm 83:7 Gebal, Ammon, and Amalek, Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre.
Psalm 83:8 Even Assyria has joined them; they lend support to the sons of Lot. Selah

first responder

The psalmist hears a loud conspiracy coming from the surrounding nations, but God is keeping silent.

What do you do when the enemy is the only one making noise. My first impression would be to go make some noise in retaliation. But this psalm writer does not do that. He calls on God to make noise instead. There is a time when it is appropriate to act against the noisy conspiracy. But God will reveal that. Until he does, we should be grateful for a God who is willing to break his silence and respond for himself.

Lord, give us the patience to let you be the first to respond.

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