celebrations in the seventh month

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celebrations in the seventh month

Psalm 81:1-5 (JDV)

Psalm 81:11 Yell for joy to God our strength; shout in triumph to the God of Jacob.
Psalm 81:2 Lift up a song – play the tambourine, the nice sounding lyre, and the harp.
Psalm 81:3 Blow the ram’s horn on the day of our feasts during the new moon and during the full moon.
Psalm 81:4 You see, this is a prescription for Israel, what the God of Jacob judges.
Psalm 81:5 He set it up as a testimony for Joseph when he went throughout the land of Egypt. I heard an unfamiliar language:

celebrations in the seventh month

The trumpets were to sound at the two feasts — Trumpets and Booths — with the Day of Atonement in between. These celebrations in the seventh month were a testimony for Joseph. The testimony was given to his descendants, so they would always know that God triumphs over bondage.

Are you in bondage today? Do you feel like you are coming together and falling apart at the same time? Don’t fear. God is going to finish what he started.

LORD, thank you for leading us out, and the promise of your presence forever.

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