to be feared

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to be feared

Psalm 76:7-12 (JDV)

Psalm 76:7 And you – you are to be feared. When you are angry, who could stand before you?
Psalm 76:8 From the sky you pronounced judgment. The land feared and grew quiet
Psalm 76:9 when God rose up to judge and to save all the lowly of the land. Selah
Psalm 76:10 Even your wrath against Adam will praise you; you will clothe yourself with the wrath that remains.
Psalm 76:11 Make and keep your vows to Yahveh your God; let all who are around him bring tribute to the awe-inspiring one.
Psalm 76:12 He humbles the breath of leaders; he is feared by the kings of the land.

to be feared

Our God is a God to be loved because he is loving. But he is also to be feared because he is powerful and just. He humbles leaders and they know it, so they fear him. It is possible to love God and fear him as well. Knowing what we know about him, it is our only option.

LORD, we love you, and fear you.

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