draining the cup

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draining the cup

Psalm 75:6-10 (JDV)

Psalm 75:6 Lifting high does not come from the east, the west, or the open country,
Psalm 75:7 because God is the Judge: He brings down one and lifts another high.
Psalm 75:8 You see, there is a cup in Yahveh’s hand, full of wine blended with spices, and he pours from it. All the wicked of the land will drink, draining it to the dregs.
Psalm 75:9 As for me, I will tell about him permanently; I will sing praise to the God of Jacob.
Psalm 75:10 “I will cut off all the horns of the wicked, but the horns of the righteous will be lifted high.”

draining the cup

The wicked become victims of their own arrogance, draining the cup thinking that it is a result of their own reward, when it is punishment instead.

The righteous focus on the greatness of God, and sing his praises instead. They stay away from the cup.

LORD, you are great. We seek your kingdom, not our own.

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Jefferson Vann is pastor of Piney Grove Advent Christian Church in Delco, North Carolina. You can contact him at marmsky@gmail.com -- !
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