Tola and Jair’s legacy

Judges - 1

Tola and Jair’s legacy

Judges 10:1-5 (JDV)

Judges 10:1 And, Tola son of Puah son of Dodo stood up after Abimelech and began to deliver Israel. He was from Issachar and stayed in Shamir in the hill country of Ephraim.
Judges 10:2 He judged Israel twenty-three years and when he died, was buried in Shamir.
Judges 10:3 After him came Jair the Gileadite, who judged Israel twenty-two years.
Judges 10:4 He had thirty sons who rode on thirty donkeys. They had thirty towns in the land of Gilead, which are still called Jair’s Tent Villages today.
Judges 10:5 When Jair died, he was buried in Kamon.

Tola and Jair’s legacy

These two leaders do not get much publicity. Not enough is known about how they served. But it was important to know that they served. They did leave a legacy that was remembered after their deaths. This is seen in the mention of the towns where they were buried. It is also seen in Jair’s thirty tent villages — overseen by his thirty sons.

Tola and Jair are reminders that not all the story has been told. Someday we will learn about their lives by talking to them ourselves.

LORD, thank you for the promise of a future life.

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