consequences of ignorance

Judges - 1

consequences of ignorance

Judges 2:11-15 (JDV)

Judges 2:11 The Israelites did what was evil in the Yahveh’s eyes. They worshiped the Baals
Judges 2:12 and abandoned Yahveh, the God of their fathers, who had brought them out of Egypt. They followed other gods from the surrounding peoples and bowed down to them. They angered Yahveh,
Judges 2:13 because they abandoned him and worshiped Baal and the Ashtoreths.
Judges 2:14 Yahveh’s anger burned against Israel, and he handed them over to raiders who raided them. He sold them to the enemies around them, and they could no longer resist their enemies.
Judges 2:15 Whenever the Israelites went out, Yahveh was against them and brought disaster on them, just as he had promised and sworn to them. So they suffered greatly.

consequences of ignorance

A new generation had grown up in the land who looked like their parents, but unlike their parents, they did not know God, and had no awareness of all the miracles God had done for them. This ignorance caused them to abandon God. God had not changed, but the ignorant ones had. They followed other gods and bowed down to them. This angered God, and he acted responsibly. He consulted his own manual of operation — his covenant. He had promised to bring trouble to those who abandon him. All of the heartache that we read about in this book could have been avoided. It was all brought about by walking away from God.

There are many today who claim to not know if there is a God. We have been taught that we should respect their agnostic beliefs. We have been taught to be considerate of them and not condemn them. We are told that their religious choice is just as appropriate as those who choose to follow the God of the Bible. What we are not taught is the principle highlighted in today’s text: ignoring God leads to disastrous consequences. Someone else always fills the void when one walks away from a relationship. If you deny the existence of God, other gods are waiting to take his place. Also, failures, weakness, bondage, and numerous kinds of suffering will come to those who forget God. Our present generation should know this — because we are living it.

LORD, we recognize that we are living out the consequences of ignoring you. Rescue us Oh God!

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