did not drive out

did not drive out

Joshua 16:1-10 (JDV)

Joshua 16:1 The allotment for the descendants of Joseph went from the Jordan at Jericho to the Waters of Jericho on the east, through the open country ascending from Jericho into the hill country of Bethel.
Joshua 16:2 From Bethel it went to Luz and proceeded to the border of the Archites by Ataroth.
Joshua 16:3 It then went down westward to the border of the Japhletites as far as the border of lower Beth-horon, then to Gezer, and ended at the Mediterranean Sea.
Joshua 16:4 So Ephraim and Manasseh, the sons of Joseph, received their inheritance.
Joshua 16:5 This was the territory of the descendants of Ephraim by their clans: The border of their inheritance went from Ataroth-addar on the east to Upper Beth-horon.
Joshua 16:6 In the north the border went westward from Michmethath; it turned eastward from Taanath-shiloh and passed it east of Janoah.
Joshua 16:7 From Janoah it went down to Ataroth and Naarah, and then reached Jericho and went to the Jordan.
Joshua 16:8 From Tappuah the border went westward along the Brook of Kanah and ended at the Mediterranean Sea. This was the inheritance of the tribe of the descendants of Ephraim by their clans, together with
Joshua 16:9 the cities set apart for the descendants of Ephraim within the inheritance of the descendants of Manasseh – all these cities with their settlements.
Joshua 16:10 However, they did not drive out the Canaanites who lived in Gezer. So the Canaanites still live in Ephraim today, but they are forced laborers.

did not drive out

Those words “did not drive out” keep ringing in our ears. They are a reminder of a failure to completely follow God. It is not about the Canaanites in Gezer as much as it is about integrity. The sons of Joseph should have been more diligent.

Thankfully, under the new covenant with Christ we are not tasked with conquering a land and dispossessing its inhabitants. But we are tasked with reaching all lands and all nations with the gospel. Let it not be said that we failed in that task.

Lord, make us gospel proclaimers with integrity, who get the job done.

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