confidence in the captain


confidence in the captain

Joshua 4:10-18 (JDV)

Joshua 4:10 The priests carrying the ark continued standing in the middle of the Jordan until everything was finished that Yahveh had commanded Joshua to tell the people, in keeping with all that Moses had commanded Joshua. The people rushed across,
Joshua 4:11 and after everyone had finished crossing, the priests with the ark of Yahveh crossed in the sight of the people.
Joshua 4:12 The Reubenites, Gadites, and half the tribe of Manasseh went in battle formation in front of the Israelites, like Moses had instructed them.
Joshua 4:13 About forty thousand equipped for war crossed to the plains of Jericho in Yahveh’s presence.
Joshua 4:14 On that day Yahveh exalted Joshua in the sight of all Israel, and they revered him throughout his life, like they had revered Moses.
Joshua 4:15 Yahveh told Joshua,
Joshua 4:16 “Command the priests who carry the ark of the testimony to come up from the Jordan.”
Joshua 4:17 So Joshua commanded the priests, “Come up from the Jordan.”
Joshua 4:18 When the priests carrying the ark of Yahveh’s covenant came up from the middle of the Jordan, and their feet stepped out on solid ground, the water of the Jordan resumed its course, flowing over all the banks like before.

confidence in the captain

Imagine being an ordinary Israelite on that day. You saw the water in the river cease to flow as soon as the priests set foot in it. You saw a mighty army march through the miraculous riverbed to the other side. You, yourself, passed through, viewing the amazing ark of the covenant as you passed it in the center of the path. Then you heard the command of Capatin Joshua, as he gave word for the priests to come up the rear, and then the water came back.

An event like that stays with you. You learn to respect people whom God uses in such a dramatic way. You learn to trust their judgment.

Lord, bless us with events which give us confidence in those whom you have ordained to lead us.

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