hurry up and wait


hurry up and wait

Joshua 3:1-2 (JDV)

Joshua 3:1 Joshua started early the next morning and left the Acacia Grove with all the Israelites. They went as far as the Jordan and stayed there before crossing.
Joshua 3:2 After three days the officers went through the camp

hurry up and wait

If the people had to wait three days at the Jordan, why didn’t they just stay those three days at the Acacia Grove? One of the reasons is momentum. Joshua urged the people to pick up and leave as soon as he got the favorable report from the spies. They were setting off for war, and they were to take no time to second-guess that decision.

But once they got to the Jordan, they needed the time to consecrate themselves to the task, and they needed to wait on God’s timing to jump-start their faith with a new miracle.

Lord, make us sensitive to your timing.

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