sharing some common ground

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sharing some common ground

Colossians 1:1-2 (JDV)

Colossians 1:1 Paul, a missionary¹ of Christ Jesus by God’s preference,² and Timothy our brother:

Colossians 1:2 To the devotees³in Christ at Colossae, who are faithful brothers and sisters. Favor to you and peace from God our Father.

sharing some common ground

Paul had never visited Colossae. He had heard some troubling words about false teaching there, and he wanted to set that straight. He introduces himself by sharing some common ground that he had with the believers there.

  • devotion to Christ
  • brotherhood of faith
  • God’s favor
  • God’s peace

On the basis of that common ground, Paul and Timothy could share truth that could help the Colossian believers grow.

Lord, thank you for the things we share with other believers everywhere.


1 ἀπόστολος = missionary.
2 θέλημα = preference. Colossians 1:1, 9; 4:12.
3 ἅγιος = devotee, devoted. Colossians 1:2, 4, 12, 22, 26; 3:12.

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