why we should pray

Psalms (book2) - 1

why we should pray

Psalm 69: (JDV)

Psalm 69:16 Answer me, Yahveh, because your covenant faithfulness is good. In keeping with your abundant compassion, turn to me.
Psalm 69:17 Don’t hide your face from your servant, because I am in distress. Answer me quickly!
Psalm 69:18 Come near to me and redeem me; deliver me because of my enemies.

why we should pray

Why should we pray? Three reasons. First, God’s covenant faithfulness is good, and our prayers set his love in motion. Secondly, we get in distress by the things that happen to us. They make us think that God is hiding his face. We need his responses to our prayers to remind us that he will not leave us — that he will always be there for us. Thirdly, God is glorified when we prevail over our enemies. This includes actual adversaries and things like hardship and death which are also counted as our enemies. God’s reputation is at stake when the enemies have the upper hand.

Therefore, pray!

Lord, thank you that you have given us access to your throne. Show us how to consistently avail ourselves of this privilege.

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