making the water flow by

body of water between green leaf trees

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making the water flow by

Psalm 58:6-8 (JDV)

Psalm 58:6 God, knock the teeth out of their mouths; Yahveh, tear out the young lions’ fangs.
Psalm 58:7 May they disappear like water that flows by; may they aim their blunted arrows.
Psalm 58:8 Like a slug that moves along in slime, like a woman’s miscarried child, may they not see the sun.

making the water flow by

I have seen a lot of water flow by in all the streams I have hiked by and all the great rivers I have enjoyed. I can imagine it has been millions of gallons that I personally have watched flow by me over my lifetime.

The psalmist is admitting that he faces dangerous enemies and troubling times. But he is asking God to make those enemies disappear like water that flows by. He knows they will aim their arrows, but he is asking God to make them miss their mark.

Each day, we get up and face a dangerous world, full of things that might happen. It would not be inappropriate for us to pray a prayer like this, asking God to keep the adversary from succeeding in his plots to overcome us and our testimony.

Lord, make the water flow on by today.

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