don’t ask

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don’t ask

Psalm 48:4-7 (JDV)

Psalm 48:4 Notice! The kings assembled; they advanced together.
Psalm 48:5 They looked and froze with fear; they fled in terror.
Psalm 48:6 Shaking seized them there, agony like that of a woman in labor,
Psalm 48:7 as you wrecked the ships of Tarshish with the east wind.

don’t ask

Some people are bold enough to dare God to demonstrate if he has power over them. Don’t do that.

This psalm celebrates the power of God and depicts it by describing the fearful reaction of the kings of the nations to seeing his armies.

We are told in the New Testament that we should fear God rather than humans because God can do more than kill. He can (and will) destroy his enemies— soul and body— in Gehenna. The kings of the nations are right to fear him. Do not doubt his power. You could not survive a demonstration of it.

Lord, we choose to fear you, and thank you for granting us your blessing rather than the destruction we deserve.

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