new politic

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new politic

Psalm 47:2 (JDV)

Psalm 47:2 you see, Yahveh, the Most High, is awe-inspiring, a great king over the whole land.

new politic

Our lowly Jesus, meek and mild, is also a great king who rules over the land all around us. He comes in peace, but he will not allow his enemies to continue ruling in his stead. If you cannot worship God as king, you are not worshiping the biblical God. Our faith is rooted in a promise of a future in which all God’s enemies will be subdued under his feet, either reconciled to him or destroyed forever.

He reigns today, and is calling his kingdom’s citizens to himself through the gospel. His return to the land around us will be glorious. It will also be dreadful for his enemies, and both of these facts are plainly described in scripture.

How do we worship God as king? We must acknowledge his authority to reign over us — today and tomorrow. We must respect his right to reign. God’s kingdom is not a democracy. As we enter the sanctuary, we need to leave our present forms of government and politics at the door. There is a new politic here.

How do we worship God as king? We see him emerge from the empty tomb and bow at his feet. He is victorious, and we celebrate his victory and participate in it, because we have placed ourselves firmly in his camp. We submit to his will, no matter how unpleasant it might prove for us today, because we see his victory ever before us.

Our great king, we worship you!

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