we get frantic, he is faithful

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we get frantic, he is faithful

Psalm 44:23-26 (JDV)

Psalm 44:23 Wake yourself up, Lord! Why are you sleeping? Get up! Don’t reject us forever!

Psalm 44:24 Why are you hiding and forgetting our misery and oppression?

Psalm 44:25 You see, we have sunk down to the dust; our bodies cling to the ground.

Psalm 44:26 Get up! Help us! Redeem us because of your covenant faithfulness.

we get frantic, he is faithful

There was an incident in the life of Jesus and his disciples that parallels this psalm. Jesus had gone to sleep in a boat, and a storm came up. His disciples became frantic, and screamed for Jesus to wake up, get up and help them.

The sons of Korah sounded pretty frantic here too. They were deep in the middle of a national tragedy, and the Lord seemed to them to be asleep in the boat. They were experiencing misery and oppression, and were down for the count. But that was not the basis of their prayer. They called on God to redeem them not because of their plight, but because of his “covenant faithfulness.”

Lord, we know you are not sleeping, nor are you hiding. Rescue us today because you are faithful to your covenant.

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