when God is being unfair

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when God is being unfair

Psalm 44:17-19 (JDV)

Psalm 44:17 All this has happened to us, but we have not forgotten you or betrayed your covenant.

Psalm 44:18 Our hearts have not turned back; our tracks have not strayed from your path.

Psalm 44:19 But you have crushed us in a haunt of jackals and have covered us with deepest darkness.

when God is being unfair

If what the psalmist says here were literally true, then God would be truly unfair, visiting judgment on the innocent. But this is poetry. The psalmist is describing how he feels.

All of us go through times when we feel like God is being unfair to us. He doesn’t want us to bail on him and blame him for our problems. But he doesn’t mind it if we tell him how we are feeling. He’s a big God, and he can take it.

Lord, we choose to trust you, even though there are times when we do not feel like trusting you.

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