not even close

scenic view of snow capped mountains during night

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not even close

Psalm 42:6 (JDV)

My throat is melting away; that is why I remember you from the land of Jordan and the peaks of Hermon, from Mount Mizar.

not even close

I’ve lived in a number of places in the world which the locals call “God’s country.” They cannot image it getting any better than where they are. John Denver was at least a little closer to the truth when he sang about West Virginia being “almost heaven.”

The psalmist was in a place that only reminded him of what he had lost. He tried to cultivate an awareness of God’s presence all around him in the mountains of Hermon and Mizar, and it was hard. He was used to worshiping God at Jerusalem, of the joys of Mount Zion.

Where he was he could not call “almost heaven.” It was not even close. But he had to get his mind off his location and circumstances and remember that God is everywhere, and he never changes.

Lord, thank you that no matter where we are, you are with us. We want to feast upon your abundance, and warm ourselves on your power – right here, right now.

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