cooperate or get away


cooperate or get away

Jeremiah 51:45-53 (JDV)

Jeremiah 51:45 Come out from among her, my people! Save your lives, each of you, from Yahveh’s burning anger.
Jeremiah 51:46 May you not become cowardly and fearful when the report is proclaimed in the land, because the report will come one year, and then another the next year. There will be violence in the land with ruler against ruler.
Jeremiah 51:47 Therefore, notice, the days are coming when I will punish Babylon’s carved images. Her entire land will suffer shame, and all her victims will lie fallen within her.
Jeremiah 51:48 The sky and land and everything in them will shout for joy over Babylon because the destroyers from the north will come against her. This is what Yahveh declares.
Jeremiah 51:49 Babylon must fall because of the victims from Israel, even as the victims from the whole land fell because of Babylon.
Jeremiah 51:50 You who have escaped the sword, go and do not stand still! Remember Yahveh from far away, and let Jerusalem come to your mind.
Jeremiah 51:51 We are ashamed because we have heard insults. Humiliation covers our faces because foreigners have entered the sacred places of Yahveh ‘s temple.
Jeremiah 51:52 Therefore, notice, the days are coming – this is what Yahveh declares – when I will punish her carved images, and the victims will groan throughout her land.
Jeremiah 51:53 Even if Babylon should ascend to the sky and fortify her tall fortresses, destroyers will come against her from me. This is what Yahveh declares.

cooperate or get away

When the lord first sent Babylon to do its destroying work, his message through Jeremiah was that his people should settle in and live at peace with the Babylonians, because their power and control were God’s will.

Now, Jeremiah is told to reverse his message. The plan for Babylonian rule has run its course. It is now time to get out and get away.

How do we know what attitude is the right one to have in our present situation? Is God calling us to cooperate or escape?

We don’t know. Unless we get undeniable directions from the lord, we should do what we think he wants, and respect those who choose a different path.

Lord, give us discernment for this confusing time.

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