trusting in our treasures

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trusting in our treasures

Jeremiah 49:1-6 (JDV)

Jeremiah 49:1 This is what Yahveh says about the Ammonites: Does Israel have no sons? Is he without an heir? Why then has Milcom dispossessed Gad and his people settled in their cities?
Jeremiah 49:2 Therefore notice, the days are coming – this is what Yahveh declares – when I will make the shout of battle heard against Rabbah of the Ammonites. It will become a desolate mound, and its surrounding villages will be set on fire. Israel will conquer their conquerors, says Yahveh.
Jeremiah 49:3 Wail, Heshbon, because Ai is devastated; cry out, daughters of Rabbah! Clothe yourselves with sackcloth, and lament; run back and forth within your walls, because Milcom will go into exile together with his priests and officials.
Jeremiah 49:4 Why do you boast about your valleys, your flowing valley, you faithless daughter – you who trust in your treasures and say, “Who can come against me?”
Jeremiah 49:5 Notice, I am about to bring terror on you – this is the declaration of the Lord Yahveh of Armies – from all those around you. You will be banished, each person face first, with no one to gather up the fugitives.
Jeremiah 49:6 But after that, I will restore the fortunes of the Ammonites. this is what Yahveh declares.

trusting in our treasures

This year, we have heard a warning from God. As a planet, we have confidently strutted around the walls of our castle and declared ourselves invincible. We had trusted in our treasures like the Ammonites, and boastfully asked “who can come against me?”

Then the Coronavirus happened.

The fear, the disruption of our lives, the forced isolation, the loss of jobs, lives, security … it stopped us short.

God can put an end to the threat, but we have to decide whether we heed the warning.

Lord, we declare our need for you, and ask you to restore our fortunes.

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