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donkey drag

Jeremiah 22:13-23 (JDV)

Jeremiah 22:13 Tragedy [1] for the one who builds his palace through unrighteousness, his upstairs rooms through injustice, who makes his neighbor serve without pay and will not give him his wages,

Jeremiah 22:14 who says, “I will build myself a massive palace, with spacious upstairs rooms.” He will cut windows in it, and it will be paneled with cedar and painted bright red.

Jeremiah 22:15 Are you a king because you have so much cedar? Didn’t your father eat and drink while administering justice and righteousness? Then it went well with him.

Jeremiah 22:16 He took up the case of the poor and needy; then it went well. Is this not what it means to know me? This is what Yahveh declares.

Jeremiah 22:17 But you have eyes and a heart for nothing except your own dishonest profit, shedding innocent blood and pouring out oppression and extortion.

Jeremiah 22:18 Therefore, this is what Yahveh says concerning Jehoiakim son of Josiah, king of Judah: They will not mourn for him, saying, “Tragedy, my brother!” or “Tragedy, my sister!” They will not mourn for him, saying, “Tragedy, lord! Tragedy, his majesty!”

Jeremiah 22:19 He will be buried like a donkey, dragged off and thrown outside Jerusalem’s gates.

Jeremiah 22:20 Go up to Lebanon and cry out; raise your voice in Bashan; cry out from Abarim, because all your lovers have been crushed.

Jeremiah 22:21 I spoke to you when you were secure. You said, “I will not listen.” This has been your way since you were young; in fact, you have never listened to me.

Jeremiah 22:22 The wind will take charge of all your shepherds, and your lovers will go into captivity. Then you will be ashamed and humiliated because of all your evil.

Jeremiah 22:23 You residents of Lebanon, nestled among the cedars, how you will groan when pains come on you, agony like a woman in labor.

donkey drag

Since Jehoiakim “reigned” by indulging his covetousness and greed, the Lord would make an example of him. His fate would be even worse than his brother’s. He would “be buried like a donkey, dragged off and thrown outside Jerusalem’s gates.”

Rumor has it that Jehoiakim was assassinated by his own household during the siege, and his body was thrown over the wall of the city. That would explain this prophecy about his non-burial.

Lord, may we lead with dignity and selflessness.

[1] הוֹי = tragedy. Jeremiah 22:13, 18; 23:1; 30:7; 34:5; 47:6; 48:1; 50:27.

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