your God will do the same

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your God will do the same

Deuteronomy 7:17 “If you say to yourself, ‘These nations are greater than I; how can I take possession from them?’
Deuteronomy 7:18 do not be afraid of them. Be sure to remember what Yahveh your God did to Pharaoh and all Egypt:
Deuteronomy 7:19 the great trials that you saw, the signs and wonders, the strong hand and outstretched arm, by which Yahveh your God brought you out. Yahveh your God will do the same to all the peoples you fear.

your God will do the same

It was only logical that the Israelites would compare themselves in the flesh with the nations they were called to drive out. It was no contest in the flesh. The children of Israel would lose quickly.

But the Lord reminded them that they did not have to rely on their own skill, abilities and might. They had the Lord himself, a mighty warrior— who would fight for them as he did in the past.

Christian, are you making your assessments according to the flesh? Remember the mighty power with which the Lord pulled you out of the serpent’s mouth. He’s got this.

Lord, we choose to trust you to fight the battles we must face.

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