The broader scope of the mission


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the broader scope of the mission

Deuteronomy 4:25-26

Deuteronomy 4:25 “When you have children and grandchildren and have been in the land a long time, and if you act corruptly, make an idol in the form of anything, and do what is evil in the sight of Yahveh your God, angering him,

Deuteronomy 4:26 I call sky and land as witnesses against you today that you will rapidly1 be destroyed2 from the land you are about to cross the Jordan to take possession of. You will not live long there, but you will certainly be exterminated.

the broader scope of the mission

The Mosaic mission was to take possession of the land, but it came with no guarantee of permanent possession. If the Israelites began to live like the pagans before them, they would die like the pagans before them. The broader scope of the Mosaic mission was to turn the land into a witness of God’s holiness and glory.

Have you considered the broader scope of the Christian mission? We have been chosen so that we could bear fruit that will last. Our objective is not to get people to heaven, but to get the holiness of heaven into people.

Lord, show us how to live the broader scope of Great Commission. Show us how to bear lasting fruit.



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