the true score

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Joel 3:4-8 (JDV)

Joel 3:4 And also: what are you to me – Tyre, Sidon, and all the territories of Philistia? Are you getting retaliation1 or trying to get even with me? I will quickly bring retaliation on your heads.

Joel 3:5 You see, you took my silver and gold and carried my finest treasures to your temples.

Joel 3:6 You sold the people of Judah and Jerusalem to the Greeks to remove them far from their own territory.

Joel 3:7 Watch, I am about to rouse them up from the place where you sold them; I will bring retaliation on your heads.

Joel 3:8 I will sell your sons and daughters to the people of Judah, and they will sell them to the Sabeans, to a distant nation, because Yahveh has spoken.

the true score

Every evil empire who has ever invaded another land has claimed some excuse for doing so. No doubt Tyre and Sidon and the Philistines had claimed that they deserved to dominate Joel’s nation in retaliation for being dominated after the Israelite conquest. But the God of all justice will only tolerate such excuses for a time. He will set things right. He will reverse their course.

What injustice have you experienced? God knows the true score. He may have reasons for allowing what you have experienced, but he also has plans for rescuing you out of it. Trust him.

Lord, we know you know the true score. We are choosing to trust you to make things right.


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