six minutes

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Joel 2:3-5 (JDV)

Joel 2:3 A fire consumes in front of them, and behind them a flame devours. The land in front of them is like the garden of Eden, but behind them, it is like an open wasteland; there is no escape from them.

Joel 2:4 Their appearance is like that of horses, and they run like war horses.

Joel 2:5 They pounce on the tops of the mountains. Their sound is like the sound of chariots, like the sound of fiery flames consuming stubble, like a numerous army lined up for war.

six minutes

When I was a soldier, someone told me that since we were stationed very near the enemy border, my unit was expected to last about six minutes. Our objective was to take the immediate onslaught with the hope that reinforcing units would be able to muster and engage the enemy after we were all dead. I don’t think that information did much for my brigade’s morale.

I can imagine feeling similar thoughts if I had been a citizen of Joel’s nation, They had little hope of survival. If Joel was right, they were going to be consumed by the enemy.

Lord, we do not know what our fate is in this life. But we are grateful that you have promised us a resurrection and a permanent life with no threat of disaster.

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