we did not give up

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Galatians 2:1-5(JDV)

Galatians 2:1 Next, after fourteen years I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas, also taking Titus along with us.

Galatians 2:2 I went up as a result of a revelation and presented to them the gospel I preach among the Gentiles, but privately to those recognized as leaders. I wanted to be sure I was not running, and had not been running, in vain.

Galatians 2:3 But not even Titus, who was with me, was forced1 to be circumcised, even though he was a Greek.

Galatians 2:4 This matter arose because some false brothers had slipped in so as to spy on the freedom we have in Christ Jesus in order to enslave us.

Galatians 2:5 But we did not give up and submit to these people for even a moment, so that the truth of the gospel would stay with you.

we did not give up

Paul is again speaking with his missionary “we.” He’s saying that when his team went to Jerusalem, they encountered some of those false brothers whose only goal was enslaving Gentile Christians with outdated Jewish traditions. They did not give in to peer pressure. They did not give up the gospel in order to fit in. They were interested in seeing what was happening in Jerusalem, to see if perhaps they had been off the mark a bit. But they found nothing in the new legalism that made it any more palatable than the old legalism. They realized there was more at stake than simply following a new trend. They recognized the effect that their change might have on the Galatians, and other Gentile converts. Fitting in was not worth it.

Lord, thank you for a truth that does not go out of style.


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